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SocialXS, the finest, most reliable and most cost Social WiFi service. From € 19, -!

Increase your brand awareness and sales with Facebook! Put free Wi-Fi for your visitor in exchange for a Facebook Like! 111i
In most cases, a visitor likes your company, right?! If the visitor then also wants to use a free Wi-Fi network, give it to him! But, ask a little something in return! Let free WiFi work for you!
82% Of all people in the world who use the Internet are members of one or more social media sites. Facebook, with over 1.2 billion users, is still the largest. Did you know that the average Facebook user checks Facebook for updates once every fifteen minutes? What a number huh!
All in all, Social Media, and currently Facebook in particular, a very interesting group of people all together, where you as a business owner can simply make use of.

To make a long story short:
Create more brand awareness and lots of followers (“Fans”) on Facebook. This enables you to launch awesome marketing and advertisement campaigns, in a most (cost) effective way.

Collect as much fans as possible by letting them automatically “like” your Facebook company page when they log on to your free WiFi network.

The best, most reliable and cheapest way to do so is with Social WiFi of SocialXS!

333iHow we do it

Curious about todays marketingtool? It actually works very simple. You order our SocialXS WiFi acces point (WiFi antenna) online no and you receive the complete package within several days. The WiFi antenna is Plug & Play and therefore very simple to install yourself. The device works immediately and is directly ready for wireless internet useage. It is as simple as that. Of course you can make use of a SocialXS mechanic as well.

If you choose the SocialXS-Plus module you can also style your own WiFi page. You can create your own colors, logos, photos, ads and more. Very easy and as often as you want to change! Detailed statistics about your visitors, setting the WiFi times yourself…..? It’s all possible with the SocialXS-Plus module!

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Whats in the box

SocialXS wireless internet accesspoint with a range of approx 50 meters. Preprogrammed, Plug & Play.
A big window sticker which shows clearly that your service oriented company offers free wireless internet.
2 (A4 size) posters which clearly show your personal WiFi network name (so guests should not have to search and guess).
4 Compact 5x5cm stickers with tekst: “Free WiFi”. This to place in strategic places.
A handy multi language manual.