SocialXS provides additional services to relieve you, at attractive rates.

Installation service

The plug&play SocialXS-hotspot is designed so that it is easy to connect. This by following a 1-2-3 steps system. If a network cable that is needed that is longer than the standard supplied cable (1 meter), you can indicate this during the ordering process.

Do you still prefer to have the SocialXS-hotspot installed by a super fast SocialXS mechanic, you can also indicate this during the ordering process. May you have chosen to install yourself initially, but later decide to have it installed by a mechanic, let us know!
In both cases, the technician will soon contact you to make an appointment. The affordable all-in installation tariff prevents you from unpleasant surprises. The SocialXS mechanics know the ropes! They are friendly, technically literated and have a good dose of ICT knowledge!


The Internet connection within your company is the key factor for a stable and fast Wifi network for your customers. Many companies do have an Internet connection, but not know what the quality and capacity of the connection is.

The more people and / or hardware use the Internet, the more capacity is needed. Examples of places with strong peaks in Iinternet use, are catering establishments where many visitors can come suddenly during the day or an event where large groups of people simultaneously want to use Internet to upload their pictures to the Social Media.

Although SocialXS-hotspot is designed to continue the security of the existing corporate network, it may well be that you still prefer to have a second Internet connection, to have a clear separation between the social (free WiFi) and corporate network.

To meet this need SocialXS has its own product with Internet connections, which always assure you of a stable and powerful WiFi network. These internet lines are involved through the network of multiple providers, to always offer the best solution, at any location in the country.

Interested? Please let us know.

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