Marketing & Social Media

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is the new and effective way to promote your business.
By promotion through for example Facebook, your range grows explosively and you reach an audience that is normally not reached. By this we mean that the people you reach directly also show their messages to their friends! This phenomenon is called Consumer 2 Consumer marketing. This is one of the most powerful and most cost effective ways to advertise.

Did you, for example, know that already 82% of all Internet users is already active on Social Media and that that rate is still rising? Not surprising therefore, that no business owner can ignore this phenomenon. Moreover, Social Media Marketing is the most cost effective way of promoting your business!

How do I get people on my Facebook page

How do I get people on my Facebook page SocialXS-Hotspot helps in getting considerably more followers (“likers”) on Facebook. Each “Like” delivers an average of 130 new friends for your company, with whom you advertisements and messages are shared.
The more “Likes” you get, the bigger the group of friends, the further the advertising will come. Your news will spread like wildfire, for free.

And then

A visitor enters your business and starts looking for a free WiFi network. Because you clearly announced the presence of free Wi-Fi, the visitor does not have to search. He will direct access your free Wi-Fi network, that carries your company name, and then selects (with his smartphone or tablet) the “connect” button. The visitor is directly connected with your own WiFi login page. Now the visitor can access the Internet by selecting the Facebook “Like” button. The connection between your business and the visitor is taken now! Automatically! Without any effort you have another valuable contact in your database …

I’ve been getting more Facebook likers

Great! Use these contacts optimal! The more likers, the more people see your messages automatically on their Facebook page! Ads, new products, last minute offers, sneak previews, useful business … Placing all kinds of information will cost you only a little time.
Look at the minimum number of people you reach and huge savings of traditional ads …!

Social WiFi for you too? Of course!

Hotel and catering industry

Nowadays, most bars and restaurants offer their guests free WiFi. Most of these entrepreneurs have a Facebook page. Of course, this Facebook page aims to be viewed by as many people as possible and to be “Liked”. SocialXS bridges providing free Wifi and the Facebook page of the catering facility, and ensures that once the guest left, the contact between the company and the guest continues, by placing news, promotions and other marketing messages!

Retail / SMEs

Also retailers cannot live, anno 2013, without offering free WiFi. Shopping people who quickly want to post a picture of that cute dress on Facebook; waiting at the coffee table at your dealership, waiting in line at the butcher, the visit to your favorite hair salon … all unique occasions for a retailer to do a simple and extremely effective advantage!
Keep in touch with the visitor; change the annoying wait for your client into a positive experience! Know who has visited your company and make sure his friends get to know your company as well! Retail, take profit of SocialXS.


A big event attracts a lot of people. A great event attracts a lot of people. A big number of visitors means a big load of the mobile network. By placing or hiring the long-range Internet products of SocialXS the event offers the visitors a powerful solution to continue using the Internet and to promote the event by an increase of ” Likes ” for your organization. Let’s be honest: who does not want te let his Facebook Friends know that he is at a fantastic event…! Want to have the Wifi page sponsored by advertisers? Add double advantage! No sponsors / advertiser for the event? SocialXS has the solution!