“Social WiFi: de most cost efficient and effective way to reach your target group and their friends!”

“In Europe, an average Facebook user has got 132 friends. All of these friends see your offer too!”

What do you get for SocialXS-Basic subscription?

From €19,-
SocialXS wireless internet acces point with a range of approx 50 meters.
The SocialXS access point is Preprogrammed, Plug & Play.
Direct wireless internet within 1 minute after connection!
Automatic link with your Facebook page and Likes.
Your own name on your own WiFi login page.
Access to your own personal SocialXS online profile.
Always automatically the latest updates, for free!
The operation of the SocialXS access point will be guarded 24/7.

What does the SocialXS-Plus module contain?

Only €6,-
Style your own WiFi login page as often as you want!
Place sales, offers, texts on your own WiFi login page.
Place sales, offers, texts on your own WiFi login page.
Set up your own WiFi access times in a handy Timer menu.

SocialXS-Mechanic to come?

From €99,-
Fast-paced SocialXS-Mechanic will place access point in the best place.
SocialXS-Mechanic helps you get started with the WiFi login page.

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